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The IPS Group has set clear guidelines. We orientate our actions within these guidelines in order to achieve everything we can for our customers.

  1. Customer Orientation
    The IPS Group is a well-positioned, customer oriented, publishing service with high-quality sales and successful marketing solutions. Through close contact with our customers, we develop a deep understanding of their situation. Our precise solutions which are tailored to their needs give our customers measurable value and help them realize their market potential.¤

  2. Partnership and Independence
    As an independent publishing press service, the IPS Group is the ideal partner for small and medium publishers. We have the freedom to make our own decisions. This freedom we use in the best interest of our customers.

    There is only one criterion to measure the success of the IPS group: the success of our publishing clients in the press market.¤

  3. Quality and Transparency
    We are proud of the quality of our services and present them openly and confidently with maximum transparency. Our customers benefit from this. Each customer can find out about his product at any time and together, we are constantly searching for ways to push their products even further forward.¤

  4. Personal Skills
    Good cooperation is based on trust. Our publishing clients all have a reliable contact person within IPS. This contact deals very closely with each product and is committed issue for issue to the successful marketing of the product. These employees are valued for their skills, ingenuity and commitment because they ensure customer success and satisfaction.

About Us

IPS Italia is the largest press importer and therefore the most important distributor for international newspapers and magazines in Italy. The company also imports a large assortment of book titles.
With over 60 years of experience in international sales of newspapers and magazines, IPS Italia offers the know-how to successfully market print products in the key Italian market.
IPS Italia is the ideal partner for any publisher who wants to reach his readers in Italy. Accurate and effective as in its internal market.


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